International Jewellery Designs for Sale at Marwah Studios

Noida, 18th April 2019 – Sale of international jewellery designs at Marwah Studios on Thursday brought about an influx of people to the venue on the occasion of the 3rd Global Fashion and Design Week (GFDW).

On the display, list of countries included Ghana, India, Japan, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Gambia, Lesotho and Egypt. Different innate cultures of the countries inspired the artists while transfusing creativity in forms of art.

Among the many, jewellery designs of Ghana which were displayed were inspired from the Ashanti tribe which signified the theme “Symbols define power”.

Designs of India, on the other hand were inspired from Pipli Applique, a handicraft from Odisha which originated from Lord Jagannath. They had intricate designs made using crystals, beads, pearls, c-z stones through enamel work, beading etc.

Inspiration for Lebanon designs were derived from the Mohammad Al-Amin mosque located at the capital city of Beirut.

Lastly, Bulgarian designs of jewellery had its inspiration from the popular Nestinarstvo fire ritual where it is celebrated by barefoot dancing on smouldering embers performed by the nestinari.

Speaking to people visiting the venue, they seemed to be satisfied with the preparation of the event making it successful.


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