Mission & Vision

In helping members and world citizen achieve their aspirations goals in life through the Academic Services provided and to give a message of love, mutual understanding and peace as well as co-operation for global humanity to survive and sustain. It will disseminate the life and messages of various world saints, thinkers, scientists. Under these 09 global – universal objectives the foundation will organize world seminars, UN special observances, international conventions, global summits, conferences, national and international youth camps, youth cultural and youth world peace sanskar training seminars, women and girls, women and children educational seminars on World level. Those functions / events will be arranged for communal-global harmony, social peace and justice. It will also function for broadening the understanding of faith in terms of spiritual, social, co-operative, ethnic, cultural realities as well fostering an inclusive attitude in faith, culture, ideology and social global relations. For a time being there shall be Twenty Seven pioneer institutions founded by our foundation which will be the sister concerns and they will function as autonomous apex bodies of our foundation – a body of ASFT.