Anne Frank Exhibition

New Delhi: Dairy of a Young Girl where a girl lived through the pages, the author being none other than Anne Frank, her Exhibition was displayed at India International Centre from 21st to 28th of April 2019.

A young girl of 13 years who never thought that she would be famous or her book would be published wrote her dairy just to fill his emptiness and share the events happenings in and around her at that time in Germany when Jews were being killed brutally and Anne Frank and her family had to go into hiding.

‘Dairy of a young girl’ is basically a record of dairy entries Anne Frank used to write on some daily basis. Her Dairy or this book was fortunately published by her father Otto Frank who survived the German attack.

The Exhibition was witnessed by some literature lovers and some people who are really fond of Anne Frank and her book. It had posters of some important events which were written in her dairy for the people to see. The Exhibition also had a section where a documentary was been screened about the life events of Anne Frank based on her book. The visitors could sit and read the replicas of book in both Hindi and English.

People coming to the Anne Frank Exhibition were really pleased to see the work and displays of Anne Frank and her ‘Dairy of a young girl’. While taking reviews of the people we came across a person Mr. Mathiekal and his wife who themselves lived in Germany for 26 years, he told “I have been there for 26 years of my life, I have seen the worst scenario of Germany and the conditions were vulnerable if you were not German, Jews had the worst of all and it made him cry how they all were adversely treated”


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