Fashion and Journalism – Interlinked or Separate?

Noida, 18th April 2019 – Under the banner of Marwah Studios, Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) conducted a seminar on the relationship between fashion and journalism Thursday morning. Speaking on the subject, the panellists viz. Dr. Syed Nawaz Ahmed, Col. Pradeep Gupta and Vajul Hassan Rizvi made many jocular comments which enthralled the students furthermore.

Taking the mic, Dr. Ahmed spoke on the importance of observational skills as a trait which is irreplaceable and does not have any alternative for it. Many interesting insights were made including winning of the Pulitzer Prize for Fashion criticism by Robin Givhan implying that fashion journalism is also among the top most form of journalism which gives out the highest journalism award for outstanding work in the field.

“Functionality, efficiency are the most fundamental requirements for a strong character of a person rather than partaking in any fashion. Your hard work, dedication makes you beautiful and raise your professional demand and companies hire you for that quality rather than your fashion sense.” commented Col. Gupta inferring that indulging oneself into fashion a tad much does not bear any fruit and instead it separates a person from the realities of life.

Rizvi, on the other hand, interlinked both journalism and fashion in a way that photography has always been the roots of the emerging trends in fashion ending the interactive seminar on the subject.


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