Webinar on Coping with Stress During Corona Virus Outbreak

New Delhi: Lions Club of   Delhi Veg in association with International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry organized a webinar titled Coping up With Stress during Corona Virus Outbreak to bring in relief to the   members of both the organizations.

“Corona Virus has disturbed each and every one on this earth. Some have been affected badly and some may be little. These days are probably the hardest ever been seen by humans of this century. We are here to bring some colors to life,” said Gaurav Gupta President Lions Club of Delhi Veg.

“The exceeds of information from all the sources has not only depressed but making us sick in  one or other way. Let us try to rise above the situation by dividing and diverting out attention to other things which can make you happy,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of ICMEI and Patron to Lions Club of Delhi Veg.

“It is the time when you can involve yourself into your hobbies, your interests like reading, dancing, music, cooking, writing, movie making, surfing net for art gallery, exhibitions, nice tourism places, You can also get involved with yoga, walking, spiritual discourses, learning languages, cleaning home, and try to be in touch with near and dear ones to whom you have been ignoring for years,” added Marwah.

Large number of speakers were asked to speak on their specialization including yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality, Music, poetry, motivational lectures and prominent people like Shankar Goenka, Dr. Reena Arora, Dr. Shasta Khan, Navratan Aggarwal, Shikha Sharma, Shilpa Gupta, Rashmi Ahuja, Veena Gupta, Ravi Saini, K.L. Malhotra, Ekta Sibal, Nawal Kishore, Neetika Sablok spoke on the occasion. Suman Maheshwari Secretary Rajasthan Academy conducted the program very gracefully.


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