Sandeep Marwah Addresses Delegates at IGC Global Convention in London

London, UK – Dr. Sandeep Marwah, President of Marwah Studios, Chancellor of AAFT University, and founder of Noida Film City, recently addressed the delegates of the IGC Global Convention at Hotel Holiday Inn Kensington High Street, London. Dr. Marwah, who was nominated as the Global Ambassador of IGC by Abhnash Bains, CEO of Ishkama Global Change (IGC), shared his insights on achieving self-reliance and self-sufficiency in the contemporary world.

In his compelling address, Dr. Marwah detailed the formation and success of Noida Film City, Marwah Studios, and AAFT University. He highlighted the key qualities and ingredients necessary for success, including ambition, technological savvy, positive attitude, self-motivation, nationalism, and access to correct information. Dr. Marwah emphasized the importance of research, conviction, self-belief, and humanity as the cornerstone of any religion. He advocated for being an all-rounder and result-oriented individual to thrive in any field.

“To be successful, one must be ambitious and technologically adept. It’s crucial to have the right attitude and self-motivation. Believing in oneself and having conviction are fundamental. Humanity is the best religion, and we must always strive to be all-rounders and result-oriented,” Dr. Marwah stated.

The delegates at the convention, which included prominent personalities from various sectors, deeply appreciated Dr. Marwah’s insightful speech. His words resonated with many, inspiring them to adopt a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Dr. Abhnash K. Bains, CEO of Ishkama Global Change, extended a vote of thanks and commended Dr. Marwah for his tireless efforts in establishing numerous organizations that cater to various societal segments in need of guidance and support. “Dr. Marwah’s contributions to the fields of media, education, and social service are unparalleled. His initiatives have provided countless opportunities for individuals to grow and succeed,” Bains remarked.

The IGC Global Convention served as a platform for thought leaders, innovators, and change-makers to discuss and collaborate on strategies for global improvement. Dr. Marwah’s address was a highlight of the event, providing valuable insights and inspiring many to pursue their goals with renewed vigor.

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