Renowned Filmmaker Kala Iyer Unveils the Art of Filmmaking at 16th Global Film Festival Workshop

Noida:  The second day of the Global Film Festival Noida 2023 witnessed a captivating workshop at Marwah Studios, featuring the esteemed chief guest and accomplished filmmaker, Ms. Kala Iyer. The workshop provided a deep dive into the intricate process of film production, offering valuable insights and firsthand experiences.

Ms. Kala Iyer, a respected figure in the film industry, actively engaged with the audience, making the workshop an interactive and enriching experience for attendees. The workshop kicked off with an insightful introduction to the various stages of movie production. Ms. Iyer adeptly navigated through the pre-production phase, shedding light on critical aspects such as scriptwriting, casting, and the meticulous planning that precedes the actual filming.

During her presentation, Ms. Iyer highlighted the evolving dynamics of budgeting in the industry, emphasizing that professionals now undertake entire productions with reduced financial resources compared to earlier times. This shift in approach has paved the way for increased creativity and resourcefulness within the filmmaking process.

Moving on to the heart of filmmaking, the production phase was explored in detail. Ms. Iyer provided a comprehensive overview, discussing the on-set collaboration dynamics and the utilization of cutting-edge technology. The audience gained a profound understanding of the concerted effort and coordination required to capture a cinematic masterpiece.

The interactive session with Ms. Kala Iyer proved to be a highlight of the workshop, as students enthusiastically posed questions and received invaluable insights from the seasoned filmmaker. Discussions ranged from industry challenges to creative decision-making, offering attendees a rare glimpse into the world of persevering filmmaking.

The workshop, expertly conducted by Shashank Sharma, left the audience inspired and enlightened, fostering a newfound appreciation for the magic that unfolds behind the scenes of every film. Ms. Kala Iyer’s expertise and engaging presentation style made the event not only educational but also a source of inspiration for aspiring filmmakers.

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