Award of Distinction Conferred to Ghanaian Documentary “Ankos Masquerade Street Festival” at 12th Global Festival of Journalism

Noida: The 12th Global Festival of Journalism in Noida, 2024, celebrated the rich tapestry of documentary filmmaking with a special segment dedicated to screening remarkable films from around the world. Among the standout entries was the Ghanaian documentary “Ankos Masquerade Street Festival,” which garnered the prestigious Award of Distinction.

Representing Ghana, Conrad Nana Kojo Asiedu, the First Secretary of the Ghana High Commission, inaugurated the screening segment, commending the efforts of the International Chamber of Media and Entertainment (ICMEI) and the Indo Ghana Film and Cultural Forum for their continuous collaboration in organizing such impactful events. He expressed the High Commission’s unwavering support for fostering cultural exchanges between Ghana and India through platforms like the Global Festival of Journalism.

Sushil Bharti, a key organizer, underscored the significance of documentaries in shedding light on diverse cultures, experiences, and societal issues. He also hinted at the forthcoming International Documentary Film Festival (IDFF), further emphasizing the platform’s commitment to promoting documentary filmmaking as a powerful medium of storytelling.

In a moment of recognition and appreciation, Dr. Sandeep Marwah, the driving force behind the festival, presented the Award of Distinction to Conrad Nana in honor of the impactful portrayal of Ghana’s cultural heritage in “Ankos Masquerade Street Festival.” Additionally, Sushil Bharti presented a festival memento to the esteemed guest, further cementing the bonds of friendship and collaboration between India and Ghana in the realm of filmmaking and cultural diplomacy.

The recognition of “Ankos Masquerade Street Festival” underscores the importance of cultural exchange and storytelling in bridging gaps and fostering mutual understanding among nations.

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