Early Days These Were The Days When Recording And Producing Music Was A Feat To Be Achieved With Big Size Hardware Equipment Recording on a magnetic Tape With Huge Maintenance Costs And Limited Things To Work With. Recording Number Of Musicians With Single Microphones And Huge Hardwares was a Challenge. […]

As we all know, music is very powerful. It has a powerful effect on the mind. It is a tool to encourage positivity and well-being. It can also help a person come out of anxiety, sadness, nervousness and experience happiness, excitement, etc. Making music is also beneficial as listening to […]

When it Comes to Rhythm Drum is the most favorite amongst Musicians. Being a Drummer one has to focus on Beats Tempo & Enhancing Beauty in a Song. A Drummer can not only Provide rhythmic pattern but the individual Skill Improve the Song Uniquely. Being a Drummer is more than […]

Indian music has fascinated the west for many years. The table in particular has attracted the attention of a number of American and European percussionists. It has been used in popular music as early as the 60’s and is heard in popular media even today. However, many percussionists shy away […]

Music and arts is a very submissive activity. It cannot work without one another. We love to, no matter what the vision is. It can be grand or tiny. Sound is around us all the time, it is unavoidable, either we craft it or we take pleasure in listening to […]

Noida: On behalf of Defence Services Staff College Wellington I take this opportunity to honor Dr. Sandeep Marwah Chancellor AAFT University for his untiring contribution to the promotion of the country in Uniform at different stages of his life. He has been the source of inspiration for many young Indians […]

Noida: “We have been involved from day one on the promotion of our AAFT students in the industry. The placement cell is also doing its job perfectly. We have also been instructing & guiding students how to be entrepreneur in different disciplines. All that now condensed under one roof of […]