Music and society

Music and arts is a very submissive activity. It cannot work without one another. We love to, no matter what the vision is. It can be grand or tiny. Sound is around us all the time, it is unavoidable, either we craft it or we take pleasure in listening to music.
Music is significant in people’s lives,whether it is for performing, listening, creating. It is the same for all types of music, be it classical, contemporary, western, Bollywood , etc. As a musician it is my responsibility to help others learn this form of art and follow their passion and enjoy it.
Many individuals believe that classical music is culturally rich. The most common in which one can be involved with music is through listening or attending musical concerts. For a fulfilling experience people listen to music on their computers, CD players, ipods, in their cars. Music sets a good and a light mood and it creates a vibe amongst the people attending parties, events and shows.
Music helps one to become mindful as it stimulates the mind. There are a lot of things that a person can bring out in music like melodies, rhythm, theme, sponds and how they are all related to one another. Active listening is an incredible experience that allows one to be involved and lost is a completely different and foreign sound.


Article Writer
Name:- Anjali Shukla
Course:- SOPA


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