How Change In Music Technology Brought Big Studios To Home

Early Days
These Were The Days When Recording And Producing Music Was A Feat To Be Achieved With Big Size Hardware Equipment Recording on a magnetic Tape With Huge Maintenance Costs And Limited Things To Work With. Recording Number Of Musicians With Single Microphones And Huge Hardwares was a Challenge. These Were The Days of Magnetic Tapes , Hardware Eq , Compressors With No Scope Of Editing After Recording.
Change To Digital
Digital Technology Came Into Place Replacing Tapes With Computer Hard disks And Hardware Equipment With VST’s. This Was a New Age For Recording And distributing Music with DAW’s Allowing Multitrack Recording And Editing Of Recorded Audio. It Was a Great Change For The Music Industry But It Was Not All That Great With Limited Computing Power and Then Costly Computers It Was Far From Reaching Common Man’s Hand Wanted To Record , Arrange Music and Show his Talent to the World without Reaching a Costly Studio.
New Era
With High Speed Computers And Internet Reaching Million Of People It Has Become Super easy for anyone To Record and Produce music From The Very place He Lives In. Computer With DAW , Cheap Microphone with Transistor Technology , A Single Track Audio Interface , MIDI Keyboard And a Headphone Are The Only Things You Need To Get your Music Ready With Even More Easy Ways To Distribute Music I.e Just Get an Internet Connection And Upload Your Songs At Very Very Negligible Fees Or Even Free. This is The Time Where Anyone Who Want To Make And Distribute Music Can Do It With Minimal Cost And Equipment. So If You Want To Do It Now is The Best time to be Alive.


Article Writer
Name:- Vaibhav Chaudhary
Course: SOPA


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