CORONA PANDEMIC- Say no to panic

Every Shadow, no matter how deep, is threatened by morning light. Circumstances may be hard, but giving up should never be an option. The world is under one of the most pandemic situation ever caused on earth. COVID-19 is hitting the world hard with its full strength. Millions of people have become the victim of this deadly disease and worst part is we don’t even know how long it would still go.

I believe if there is negative, there is positive too. Look for something positive in each day, even if days you have to look is little harder. There are so many changes happening around the world. This is caused by one novel disease or whatever you call it. Some call it scourge of the century. There has been plenty of negative news going on in the world scenario; I would just like to highlight some positive aspects which have come through this pandemic.

On the social positive effects, aside from the improvement of the sanitation and hygienic practices of the people, the cooperation among people and among countries all over the world was good. Information sharing, donations, and volunteerism from persons and nations are laudable. There were appreciations and social support for the front liners in both the main and social media. It even tempered the slew of fake news in all the social media.

All countries in the world showed their humanity to their own people. They become introspective and taking quick decisive and positive action. Everyone agreed the importance of quarantine and the new word that sprout out like enhance 21 day quarantine, lock down, social distancing, boarder closing from all countries. Mother earth is healing herself, you can feel the bliss in the air now, stars in the sky, birds chirping, rivers getting cleaner, animals wondering around happily and free. Corona has brought the world together and closer.

We are on the same boat. Whether we close our boarder we cannot help but joined our forces together or we might be overtaken by the scourge of this new vicious murderous viral disease. We may close our boarder but we cannot close it from the airborne corona. It is a tie of realization that we may plan but the “Decision” is not in our hands. It is a treacherous disease, you may seem to fully get well but it could return with more serious complication out of nowhere.

The leaders of the world scampered in unity on how to combat corona disease and have never been cooperative in sharing best practices on how to prevent o stop the spread of this virus. On the scientific and medical aspects, the COVID-19 epidemic has accelerated the research and development of medicines, treatments and management, and possible vaccines against the virus.

COVID-19 is a wake-up call for the religious or spiritual or believer or whatever to meditate about life and how we suddenly see the changes in paradigm at looking at things. Maybe we need to go back to the basics of life. Family! We need to have more time for our loved ones. Bonding this time is enforced by the circumstances, or is it. It could be a message from each of one to prioritize our priorities. They are our family, our health and our values on life.

This is a time to come together and support each other in the best possible manner so that we can defeat this disease and once again live a free life.


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