Today I just want to talk and share my views about willingness of a human being. We must have often seen that in INDIA, people ageing from 50-60 years tend to suffer from weakness and infections etc which make them weak and kill their willingness to work. How are we different […]

Tagline of INDIA if would have been, similar to that of kingfisher’s.   You must be thinking how?…is this man foolish. Well maybe you can decide it when go through this blog. Kingfisher’s tagline in IPL is “divided by teams, united by kingfisher.” Similar to that India’s tagline could be “Divided by […]

New Delhi: Dairy of a Young Girl where a girl lived through the pages, the author being none other than Anne Frank, her Exhibition was displayed at India International Centre from 21st to 28th of April 2019. A young girl of 13 years who never thought that she would be […]

Delhi: An Exhibition on Jalliawala Bagh incident took place at the Indra Gandhi National Art museum on 21st April 2019. The Exhibition was displayed in the memory of the innocent people who were martyred on 13th April 1919. The Exhibition exhibited many documents and historical artefacts about the incident at […]

The event was started by the lamp lighting ceremony by Dr. Sandeep Marwah President AAFT, Mohit Marwah(Actor) , Antara Motiwala Marwah(Fashion Stylist and Actress), Dr. Ritu Lal(Director SOFD) and Col. Pradeep Gupta(Director SOJMC). Dr. Marwah presented a momento to Mohit Marwah as a token of appreciation. Then Mohit Marwah addressed […]

Noida, 19th April 2019 – Asian Academy of Film and Television (AAFT) under the aegis of Marwah Studios organised a workshop for the interaction of Mrs. Afsana Khan, a fashion designer as well as the Founder and President of Nari Kalyan NGO with the students on the occasion of 3rd […]

Noida, 19th April 2019 – “Impossible Structure for Success” was the topic of discussion on Friday when Marwah Studios organised a workshop inside its premises. Rtd. Lt. Rita Gangwani visited the college to motivate the students about the various parameters at work relating to success. Initially, the workshop commenced as […]

Noida, 18th April 2019 – Sale of international jewellery designs at Marwah Studios on Thursday brought about an influx of people to the venue on the occasion of the 3rd Global Fashion and Design Week (GFDW). On the display, list of countries included Ghana, India, Japan, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Gambia, Lesotho […]