“Dena moes once said India teaches me again and again that the categories into which I try to divide things don’t hold up.”

India is an incredible country where people speak different language but the nationallanguage is Hindi .India is full of different castes, creeds, religion, and cultures but they live together. That’s the reason India is famous for the common saying of “ unity in diversity “.India is a seventh largest country in the whole world .India has the second largest population in the world .India is also known as Bharat ,Hindustan .it  is surrounded by ocean from three sides which are Bay of Bengal in the East ,the Arabian sea in the west and Indian ocean in the southso it is called peninsular country  People of different religion such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Islam, Christianity and Judaism lives together from ancient times .India is also rich in monuments ,tombs, temples, churches, historical buildings, museum, scenic beauty wildlife sanctuaries, places of architecture and many more . The great leader and freedom fighters are from India. India is also known as the land of spirituality, philosophy, science and technology. India has 29 states and 7 union territories. A major part of the country is divided into villages and fields. Mighty river like Banga, Godavari, Kaveri, Yamuna, Narmada etc. flows through the country .India shares boundaries with seven countries, and they are China, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. India is also famous for farming and agriculture. This forms the backbone of the country.

The history of agriculture in India dates back to the Indus valley civilization. India ranks 2 worldwide in farm outputs India ranks first in the world with highest net cropped area followed by USA and  China.Agriculture is demographically the broadest economic sector and plays a significant role in the overall socio economic fabric in India agriculture /horticultural and processed food export to more than 120 countries primarily  to Japan Southeast Asia ,Countries the European Union And The United states India ranks 74 out of 113 major countries in terms of food security index

   Others crops cultivated in India 3000 to 6000 year ago. Include linseed, safflowers, mustard, castor, mung bean etc. India is the second largest producer of wheat and rice the world’s major foods staples .India is currently the world second largest producer of several dry fruits, agriculture -based textile raw materials, roots, tuber crops, pulses farmed, fish, eggs, coconut, sugarcane and numerous vegetable. Agriculture is the primary source of living wood for about 58 percentage of India’s population approximately 60 % of the Indian population works in the industry contributing about 18 %to Indian’s GDP. Uttar Pradesh comes under the top farming state in India and the rank of Uttar Pradesh counted under major state wise crop production in India bajra, rice sugar cane, food grains. it comes under the top wheat producing states in India followed by Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh with developing India agriculture is Evolving continuously at the same pace and India is on the 8th rank of the worlds export India is the largest milk producer country. after independence we use to  import food grains from other countries to fulfill our demand but after the green revolution we become self sufficient and started exporting our surplus to other countries .Earlier we used to depend completely on monsoon for the cultivation of food grains but now we have constructed dams tube well and pump set. with the advancement of technology advanced equipment ,better irrigation facilities and the specialized knowledge of agriculture started improving.

 “ Mathieson  and wall (1982)say’s that tourism is he temporary movement of people to destination out of there normal home and workplace ,the activities undertaken during the stay ,and the facilities created to cater for their needs.The concept of rural tourism is acquiring new dimension with the passage of time however in India it has always existed in some form as almost every India has roots in some village or another and they often keep returning back to their roots now of course feeling bottled up by the Chaos in urban areas The growing desire to take break and relax in pristine surrounding of the village is growing people are frequently touring rural area as they are  full of colors, fragrance and vibrant life Rural tourism offers tourists and opportunity to get first hand experience of farmland activities such as cultivation ,sowing and harvesting  etc. Now a day’s  agriculture is becoming highly mechanized . Rural tourism Can help in shaping specially the life of poor rural and in turn our society people .When the tourist come from different places to visit the rural area did you get the new experience they do all those activities which they would have not done in their  life. Because of agriculture everyone lives in this earth the rural tourism benefiting the local community economically and socially as well as enabling interaction between the tourist and local forum or enriching tourism because of the rural tourism there is development in the infrastructure

  In conclusion, agriculture tourism and rural tourism has given much to society and other country also and because of the agriculture our country has much demand of everything.”Investment in agriculture is the best weapons against hungry and poverty and they have made life better for billions of people.”


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