Seminar on Careers in fashion

On the third and final day of the 3rd Global Fashion and Design Week a seminar was conducted on ‘Careers in Fashion’ by Nitin Sood and Sana. Nitin and Sana are well known designers of Fashion Industry and have their own online Company named as “Happy Shappy”.

Happy Shappy is basically an app where anyone can share their best of Ideas and get any design or clothing range according to the wish of customers. Happy Shappy consumes the local and emerging talent, the fashion designers who have got some crazy ideas to work out with and can make the best out of their talent.

Nitin Sood marked that India is a country where there is ample of talent, they just need to think more and out of the box. Happy Shappy is not just limited to a particular design range but people can also put up their ideas about food, travel, decor and more.

Sana exclaimed that there has been lot of pressure on today’s generation to maintain the social media which is actually more of a fake and out show world rather than your real self. Hence don’t be a victim of Social Media and content generators because it is like a drug which can affect you adversely.

Talking of Happy Shappy , a student asked if it can be some sort of platform which also gives statical data to which the dignitaries replied that it will became one soon as more and more like minded people join ‘Happy Shappy’.

The Seminar ended on a high note that connect to the Ideal Audience and let it be more about yourself.


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