Sandeep Marwah Inaugurated International Multi-Disciplinary Conference 2022

New Delhi: The character of the man starts building right from the childhood. What he sees, what he listens adds to making of a man. The letters A to H have taught us enough to be a good human being when A stands for Ambitious, B for Belief & Trust, C for Commitment and Communication, D is Dedication & Determination, E is Enthusiasm, F for Focus, G is your Goal and H is he Humanity,”  Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios and Founder Chancellor of AAFT University of Media and Arts spoke  as the inaugural speech of International Multi-Disciplinary Conference designed by a voluntary organization- DIAS.

“I am pleased to be associated with so many international speakers today in  DIAS Conference,  and every word uttered here by them is going to bring positive energy to the World. We are one family and must appreciate and motivate each other now and then serving the purpose of the organization- Driving Aspirations,” added Dr. Marwah explaining the role of media and entertainment industry.

Sanjeev Kapoor, Dr. Shelly Bisht, Anita Raju, H.E. Nur Ahmed, Selvame Pazhany, Prof. Pratik Rajan, Dr. Archana Burman also spoke on the occasion. Speakers from eighteen countries including Croatia, Greece, Emirates, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, USA, Georgia, Afghanistan, Canada, Italy and Macedonia and India were present during conference.


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