Sale on International Furniture Designs at Marwah Studios

Noida, 18th April 2019 – Furniture designs from around the world were displayed for sale at the premises of Marwah Studios, a leading media venture in the field of academics run under the chairmanship of Dr. Sandeep Marwah, an eminent media personality himself who is also the President of Asian Education Group (AEG) on the occasion of the 3rd Global Fashion and Design Week (GFDW).

Students from the media institute assigned to a myriad of countries viz. Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Serbia, Cyprus, Lesotho and Hungary. Cultures pertaining to the aforementioned countries were moulded into pieces of art and displayed at the venue of the exhibition where they were explained about their significance and also sold to the potential buyers.

Among a plethora of countries, for instance, Striped hyena is the national animal of Lebanon which was used as an influencer while designing a sofa chair out of locally available resources. Similarly, giant pyramids on the Icelandic pedestrian and cycle bridges located at the capital city of Reykjavik forms the inspiration of a designer made outdoor hammock. Serbia, on the other hand, demonstrated an amalgamation of the architectural designs of two war monuments viz. Kadinjaca Memorial Complex and Mitrovica Miners monument resulting in the creation of “The Monumental Chair”.

The artistic surroundings of the venue lured in many students from the college as well as dignitaries invited for the 3rd GFDW who gave positive remarks about the presentation of the exhibition and knack for creativity of the artists.


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