ICMEI Webinar on Importance of Blog Writing

New Delhi: International Chamber of Media And Entertainment Industry (ICMEI) in association with AAFT University of Media And Arts conducted a webinar on the hot topic of Importance of Blog Writing.

“The best and most economical way of expressing your self is to start writing. To be successful in media you need to know three very important things, how to read, how to write and how to speak. Writing makes you feel confident. It converts you into a better administrator. It adds on to your skills. It improves your memory and definitely social skills,” said Dr. Sandeep Marwah President of ICMEI initiating the talks in webinar.

“It is very important to know that if you have writing skills, and you are a blogger you have better prospects in the industry. The employer will prefer you. Blogging can be hobby then can be changed into business. It helps you to upgrade your writing pattern. It is a stepping stone for you to be a publisher,” said Shivani Pandey blogger from Times of India.

“Blogging give you instant response since it is also interactive. It also provides you an opportunity to learn on the same subject from group of people. Since you have no sensor and check you can express better and whole-heartedly. That attracts more readers and your readers they have faith in your writing. No doubt you develop a powerful network through blogging,” said Pallavi Prakash blogger from almost twelve years.

“Blogging helps you to be available to the public and you cut down the long process of clearing the article before publishing in other cases. You can alter, correct, add, subtract your own article at any stage of time, even though it called published article, you have many restrictions of this kind in other mediums. It supports you to get into research then and there when you are actually writing for net,” added Anant Vijay senior journalist and blogger.

“Blogging creates new opportunities for you as you are instantly exposed to the World. It can bring you money if someone wants to lift your article to some other medium. It adds to your confidence and works as your pr relations. No doubt that you serving the society as writer and blogger. It adds to your creditability and you will be considered little different from others,” added Shivanand Dwiwedi senior journalist and blogger.

The session was attended by people from all strata of life and followed by question and answer. Dr. Sushil Bharti paid vote of thanks for the most informative interactions.


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