Educational Tour to Rishikesh

At midnight on 26th April , we left for Akshardham . My friends and I met there at 12:30 am , then we sat in the bus and the journey started . We played games and sang songs , made fun of each other. We reached at 8:30am And check-in at 9:30. We went to Little Buddha Café for breakfast at 9:30 am , But the food was not good in taste. While enjoying the views of Rishikesh , we walked from the café to the hotel. We rested and had lunch in the hotel Between 12:30pm to 1:00pm. We were in the hotel and were ready to go to the Beatles ashram. We went to the Beatles ashram by foot and my friend Vishul was recording everything and taking pictures.We reached the ashram at 1:30pm. The ashram was a very quiet place , We saw the place where the old people used to meditate at the place.There was a band of the Beatles who used to practice there in 1990 , because of them , the name of the place was named Beatles Ashram.Ashram closes at 5 o’clock due to fear of tiger arriving .

Abhyangam is a traditional Ayurvedic massage technique that’s believed to help sustain the flow of energy throughout your body . Stimulation of these points is said to affect everything from the health of your organs to the production of hormones and more . Marma denotes the energy points and energy channels that connect the mind and body . For people with health issues there are particular points and channels that are blocked or are weak. Then we sat on the banks of Har Ki Pauri . Har ki pauri is the most prominent and popular ghat on the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar . Har – ki – Pauri , popularly known as Bramhkund , is known as the most sacred and famous place of Haridwar .This sacred ghat in memory of his brother Bhatrihari who it is believed had come to Haridwar to meditate on the banks of the Ganga . This ghat later came to be known as Har – Ki – Pauri ( also called Brahamakund ). We had tea there , and so much fun .

The next day we departed from the hotel at -4 : 45 a.m to attend a workshop in Ananda Prakash Ashram.We were at the ashram at 5:00 a.m. There was a foreign instructor with the name Om Shanti . She guided us about meditation . We started meditation at 5:15 a.m. And then Everyone started yoga session at 6:00 a.m till 7:30 a.m. She told us to do 7 chakras yoga . Then we did it with everyone and our instructor told all about it.

Then we visited Sivananda Ashram for a sound healing session. It supports mental , emotional , and spiritual well – being It also helps on the mental and emotional levels . ” Sound healing helps reduce stress , anxiety , and depression , “ Schieffelin says . At 11-12 noon we reached ashram . They told us that we should lie down and then close the eyes.They played the healing sound and suddenly we started feeling relaxed and body relieved .  Seeing everyone relaxed and sleeping made me sleepy too . The teacher and other students also slept . After having lunch , we went to the Ganges. We reached there at 3 o’clock . We saw river rafting there and we had already heard about it . That’s why we also did rafting there . We sat on the raft , it started slowly and the waves were slow . When we started moving forward , the waves would start getting faster . And our raft was starting to shake . Everyone was screaming for fear of falling in the river . Water started coming in our boat . All were falling on each other inside the boat because of the high waves . When the waves slowed down then we started swimming in the river . We enjoyed a lot . It was evening and the water had cooled down so we went on the boat . We enjoyed the day , then we had dinner at Purple Dhaba , the food there was very delicious . Around10:30 p.m we all reached the hotel , took rest there and we also excited to go outside and have fun there . Our group got ready and met all over the hotel , then we all went to the café. After reaching there drink fresh lime soda and ate pasta . Our day ended with the ghat view.

After 2 amazing days in Rishikesh , a beautiful morning begins with yoga. Regular yoga is known to reduce stress levels and inflammation around the body . Yoga can also bring down high blood pressure and help you lose excess weight , which are two major contributors to heart disease. After the yoga session , we went for breakfast.  We left for camping at Kunjapuri around 11:15 a.m. , by bus. At 11:45 we reached the campsite .We trekked from the bus to the camp and it took 5 minutes. Our camp side was very beautiful and everything there , nature was looking all beautiful .After taking some rest we went for trekking to Neer Falls. We really enjoyed it.  We made good memories on last night of Rishikesh. We did DJ party , and danced a lot. My friends and I got up early we took a bath then went for breakfast at 7:30 am. We depart from camp to haridwar at 8:30 am. We went to Patanjali University before going to Delhi. It was established in 2006 after Legislative Assembly of Uttarakhand passed The University of Patanjali Act , 2006. It was founded by Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna . We also saw the library there and at the last clicked some picture in university . After traveling for few hours we reached Delhi at 5:00 pm.


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