Today I just want to talk and share my views about willingness of a human being.

We must have often seen that in INDIA, people ageing from 50-60 years tend to suffer from weakness and infections etc which make them weak and kill their willingness to work.

How are we different from other nations?

I feel we are lot stronger than other fellow nations but there is one thing which pulls us down that is our will power. You must have heard that in other countries people take retirement to enjoy their rest of the life but in our country people retire from their duties and think that their Moto of life is over. This thinking leads breaking down of our will power especially after they are done with getting their sons or daughters married.

I feel that if we have a strong will power we can increase our life span adding 10 more years. Sound good, isn’t it? It does but it also needs a strong will power to overcome our weaknesses, fears and things which stop us from within to come up and fight back.

Here i would like to take a small example of Fever. Fever is something from which we have all struggled through in our life many a times. Obviously we can’t stop it but we can treat ourselves in lesser interval of time than normal span.

Fever generally lasts for about 3 days leaving us in lot of weakness but what if I say it can go in just 24 hours by having strong will power? Yes, taking a few strong steps can make it. You don’t need to run for that but instead just have a strong mindset that this small fever can’t resist me from doing what i like. It is more of internal illness rather than external. Try doing small things on your own.

Our body responds to the actions which we take from strong determination my friends. I bet you will recover in a shorter while as you used to before.

Yuvraj Singh, the famous cricketer also recovered from a disease like cancer and played for the nation again just because of his strong will power. So if a person can beat death from will power these small diseases and problems are nothing in front of you. Yes YOU. Believe in yourself don’t give away at any age.

We always say Laughter is the best medicine so why not just take laughter as our daily dose to live more…

Don’t lose your motivation and goals, goals and dreams don’t have any age factor, it is we who build them or destroy them.

Build your dreams so big that you don’t have time to loose on your goals. But yes remember to take your dose daily. The laughter dose.


Article Writer
Name:- Puru Bansal
Course:- BA – II


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