Noida: “Punctuality, regularity, sincerity and dedication are the four pillars of success. All these qualities can be found in the most of the people who have attained success in life. Viney Kumar Sabikhi, the Studio Manager of Marwah Studio is one of the examples for rest of the World” introduced […]

Noida,1st December 2015: “World leaders have unanimously committed to ending the AIDS epidemic by 2030 as part of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted in September. This commitment reflects the power of solidarity to forge, from a destructive disease, one of the most inclusive movements in modern history.” read by Harshvardhan […]

Noida: “The global exchanges of television programs focusing on peace, security, economic and social development and the enhancement of cultural exchange indicate the growing significance of television in today’s changing world. The information sharing through television facilitates social and cultural communication and encourages cooperation and partnerships in the world” said […]